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 Feedback & Comments Questionnaire  
 Your comments about the content and organisation of this meeting are an important part of our plans to improve our service to members and delegates. We would be grateful if you could let us have feedback on the event this year by completing this survey.

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The meeting was useful          
The programme was well structured          
The event met my expectations          
The administration and organisation PRIOR to the meeting was satisfactory          
The administration and organisation AT the meeting was satisfactory          
The venue was satisfactory          
The catering arrangements were satisfactory          
The exhibition was useful          
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The BTS Journal Club – Lung cancer          
BTS/SIGN Asthma Guideline update          
CF: from evidence to effectiveness          
Pulmonary vascular disease update          
Joint BTS/BALR Symposium (Part 1): alternative approaches to modelling human lung disease          
Taking the 'I' out of IPF          
Update in asthma treatment          
Spotlight on our specialty: opportunities and threats to delivering better lung health in the future          
Joint BTS/BALR Symposium (Part 2): alternative approaches to modelling human lung disease          
The Moran Campbell Lecture: Xtreme Everest: lessons from life at the limits?          
Joint BTS/BPRS symposium – Sleep medicine and NIV: issues affecting children and adults          
BTS/BALR/BLF Early Career Investigator Awards          
Bronchiectasis: what to expect when you are expectorating          
The BTS Journal Club – TB          
Joint BTS/BTOG Symposium: molecular targeting of lung cancer – are we beginning to win the battle?          
Joint BTS/BPRS Symposium: similar diseases? Differences in managing adults and children          
Lung health under threat          
Pulmonary rehabilitation – doing more and better          
Plenary scientific symposium          
The Morriston Davies Lecture: Making research more reproducible and not useful          
BTS Clinical audit and quality improvement          
Highlights from Thorax          
Wedded to TB: something old, something new, something reconstituted, something turning blue          
Immunodeficiency and the lung in the 21st century          
The BTS Journal Club – Critical care medicine          
COPD: the cutting edge          
The impact of the obesity epidemic on the lung          
Pleural disease          
Multi-system lung disease          
Respiratory critical care: the hinterland          
The BTS Lecture: Social justice and the lungs          
Adapt and survive: mechanisms of chronic airway infection          
Smoking and vaping          
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